Artist Statement

Kelly’s current body of work is motivated by a broad sense that our society is engaged in a return to the 19th century: this return is social and economic, spanning the treatment of persons with disabilities, income inequality, the subjugation of women, and return of mass disease.  She is occupied with developing an aesthetic that captures it.  

Kelly has created multiple series dedicated to different elements of the aesthetic implications of nineteenth-century social forms as they burst into our present moment, which she achieves through mixed-media painting work that draws on literature and textual representations.  Her paintings are deliberate, intuitive, and a reflection on her social practice.


Kelly Marshall is a San Diego-based multidisciplinary artist with a background in painting, printmaking, and art of the book.  She received her B. A. in Applied Art and Design with distinction in the major from San Diego State University in 2000.  She received a travel-study grant in 1999 to study in Japan.  Kelly has a Masters of Science in Special Education and has a passion for working with children of all abilities.  She has directed a multi-sensory therapeutic children’s art school for 10 years. 


Her career has been dedicated to educating, creating, and bringing arts to people with disabilities.  Her artwork has been deeply affected by her 2 decades of work with members of this community. Kelly’s studio practice is multi-disciplinary and is an exploration in painting, collage, textiles, and printmaking.  She is an MFA candidate at Pacific Northwest College of Art. 

Kelly maintains a studio classroom near her home and a professional studio at Art on 30th in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego.  

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