Kelly Marshall 

Studies on lace and thread.  On women's work, femininity, labor, and bodies
Homage to the invisible work of women in the 19th century and the art of botanical illustration, rich texture, and dry media
Dirty Windows
A reflection on the experience of women, embedded with lines of poetry.
This series began with a reflection on Kelly Marshall’s work with children of varying abilities. Her work developing an art curriculum that is both therapeutic and art-relevant led her to study abstraction with an emphasis on the fine motor skill of pincer grasp. The meticulous dropping of thousands of dots or the development of a single circle all within the construct of developing a way of experiencing the world as an artist.
95 Hours in 6 Days
A reaction to the Covid pandemic on a personal front with images painted of my sister-in-law over the course of 6 days and a 95 hour week as a doctor in the Intensive Care Unit at NYU Bellvue hospital. A raw capture of emotion.
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