Physician Portrait Project

Project Objective 
To depict physicians as they are, to give visibility to the sacrifices being made on behalf of our national/global public health during this time of polarization of our medical community, to create and document a visual history of our global crisis through the faces of physicians

Project Background:

In March of 2020, I got a call from my sister, asking for my help locating face masks, gloves, and any other PPE we could find. She and her partner are both physicians in New York City and both were just beginning to feel the deadly impacts of the pandemic.  Within weeks, I watched in horror, as thousands of people in their city were dying as many in my community behaved as if the entire situation were one big hoax.  I felt an urgent need to act and document the work they were so bravely doing every day. I created the series 95 Hours in 6 Days as a way of memorializing this moment in our collective history as well as the very personal experience of members of my family.  

The response to this work by both the art and medical community has led me to expand my original vision.  In partnership with the Physician Mother Group, I seek to paint 100 portraits of women physicians impacted by this pandemic.  

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