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In partnership with the Physician Moms Group (PMG), artist Kelly Marshall illuminates the collective purpose and sacrifices of physicians in the United States who identify as mothers during the Coronavirus pandemic through the landmark project, Personal Protective.


Marshall’s elegant portrayal of masked, gray-scale portraits furthers our understanding of the extraordinary trauma, unsung stories, and perseverance of these remarkable physician women. 


Personal Protective seeks to inspire compassion and understanding of the perilous conditions, intimately witnessed tragedies of their patients and their own families and anguish of separation from their loved ones. 

As both an exhibition and print book, Personal Protective articulates with astonishing depth the remarkable journeys—at times harrowing, at others hopeful—undertaken by these physician mothers during a crisis whose demands they never expected to face.  Each of Marshall’s portraits will be paired with an intimate written narrative of the physician's pandemic experience.


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